How To Use A Spill Kit

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

Once you have the proper tools for the job, you also need to know how to use a spill kit. They can seem fairly straightforward at first, especially when you determine that there are instructions available, but you are likely to be in a rush when a situation arises, so it is an excellent idea to get training on using the spill kits before you actually need to use them. It is essential that you prepare for spillage before it happens by learning how to avoid damage and spills. You can also inventory what liquids you have on site, which means knowing where they’re located, what types you have, and how much of them.

Once you are prepared for spillage, you should learn how to use a spill kit effectively. Everyone who can handle the spill should get adequate training from a reputable source. Many times, the same company who sells the kit also offers training, so make sure that you ask about training. You’ll learn safety tips, best practices, and how to use the kit. You may also want to schedule routine spill drills where employees can respond to mock spillage. They’re an excellent way to test for preparedness, find out issues, and consider ways to improve on them.

At EcoSpill, they’re one of a select few companies who teaches your staff how to use a spill kit effectively. Many times, companies just sell the products and allow you to find your own source for training, but EcoSpill knows that learning to use the kit is just as important as having them onsite. Their training is also accredited, which means regulatory demands placed on you will be satisfied that you received training through them. With the Certificate IV training options, you get nationally-recognised qualifications once you complete it.

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