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Spill Containment Kits: Why They’re Useful

Containing a spillage is essential. While regulations state that you must keep the environment and employees safe, it’s also a must if you want to prevent damages to equipment and keep the workplace tidy. Spill containment kits are available in a variety of sizes and styles to ensure that you protect everything, including the environment. Some kits come in small containers with a small size, allowing you to put multiple kits in various locations so that employees don’t have to travel far to gain access. Other kits come in a large wheelie-bin, allowing you to easily roll the whole thing to the location of the spillage.

Spill containment kits also include pallets and accumulation centres. Called systems, they allow you to easily control spills at the site of occurrence. You can store up to six drums of liquid on these pallets, and they are brightly coloured to ensure that everyone notices and sees them. If spillage happens, it goes into the bottom of the pallet and is fully contained until you can use an absorbent mat or powder to soak up the mess and get it cleaned up. While they aren’t as popular as the kits themselves, they can make clean-up much easier.

EcoSpill offers spill containment kits and systems to ensure that you have everything you need for compliance needs and safety. If you aren’t sure of the type or size you require, you can call on them or figure out how much liquid you keep onsite and go by that. For example, you may want to break down liquid amounts based on location; that way, you have multiple kits in each area, all equalling the total amount of liquid you house onsite. You can also choose pallets and drum caddies to hold large amounts of liquid, ensuring that you are protected from spills from a variety of sources.