How Lodging Providers Should Go About Choosing Commercial Painters in Honolulu

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Hawaii continues to excel when it comes to tourism. Every year more people choose to visit the beautiful islands of this state and enjoy the many attractions. Due to the influx of visitors over the past few years, numerous commercial organizations now find they are in need of commercial painters in Honolulu on a regular basis. They must ensure their facilities remain in an excellent condition to attract these guests. What should a hotel or motel look for when choosing a painter to handle major and minor jobs?

Licensing and Insurance

First and foremost, a lodging provider needs to make certain the commercial painters have the proper licensing and insurance. They may interact with guests at some point during their work and issues could arise as a result of this contact. The client needs to make certain the company is reputable and trustworthy and that guests won’t be bothered by their presence. Any contractor that refuses to provide this information should be avoided.


In addition, the painters must keep the work area clean at all times. No lodging provider wants to be sued because a guest tripped over a dust cloth or a person was injured due to other materials being left in their path. While the contractor should be responsible for any costs associated with an accident of this type, this does not mean the lodging provider will be completely free of any responsibility. It’s best to be safe and choose a contractor that makes safety and cleanliness a priority.

David’s Custom Roofing & Painting Inc is the place to turn when you are in need of commercial painters in Honolulu. This firm takes on both small and large jobs and handles multiple housing projects regularly. In addition, they do electrical, plumbing, and roofing projects, so a facility of this type only has one contractor to call for numerous services. Visit the site today to learn more about the work they do and why they consider their customers friends as opposed to clients. They offer the friendly touch a lodging provider needs, as they may be interacting with guests at some point during their work. The lodging provider needs someone they can rely on in this type of situations and David’s has shown they are this company.

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