Many Types of Spill Kits Available

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

Regardless of where you work, you’ve probably seen spill kits throughout the premises. They may be attached to the wall in a very visible location or may be in large drums with the ability to roll them wherever they’re necessary. Most people aren’t aware that there are many kit options available; company owners must know which ones to purchase, but traditional employees may not know the differences. Learning about the various types can help you determine what to use when an emergency kits. Similarly, your company may offer training, and you should take it if available.

Spill kits come in three primary types with a few specialty versions. A general-purpose kit is one of the most common because it can be used for almost any spillage. However, it doesn’t work well for hazardous materials; you can use it to absorb water, antifreeze, solvents, and coolants. Oil/fuel kits work on a variety of materials that are oil-based. The absorbents can actually be used to remove the oil or fuel from water-based substances.

Hazchem kits are designed to clean up any aggressive chemicals. Specialty versions can include mercury and bodily-fluid kits. You can safely clean up mercury spills with little risk to employees or clean up bodily fluids, such as urine or blood.

At EcoSpill, they know how dangerous any workplace can be, especially those that deal with oil, fuel, marine life, and more. Therefore, they make it easy to find spill kits that suit your particular needs. If you’re unsure of what you require, you only have to talk to one of their trained team members. Give them enough information, and they can recommend the best product(s). They can also come to your location and teach people how to use them. Along with such, they also check periodically to see if you require a refill.

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