Replenish Your Spill Kit Supplies

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Environmental Consultant

When your business experiences high liquid spillage, spill kits are used quite frequently. It is easy to completely utilize key components of a spill kit. Every spill kit contains consumable products, which are items that have a single use product life. These products should be monitored and restocked when necessary, if not you stand the risk of running out in detrimental situations. You can usually purchase individual spill kit supplies to replace exhausted or expired consumables.

A kit typical has multiple consumables and the list begins with the absorbent powders, which may vary depending on the type of liquid it is meant to absorb. Then, you can have absorbent mats, which are suited for fuel and oil (hydrocarbon), general purpose, or chemical (Hazchem) liquids. You can also replace land socks, which are also known as land booms. These are used around the perimeter of a spill to contain it on land. In addition to absorbent materials, spill kits contain recommended personal protective equipment. This includes clear wrap around safety goggles, chemical resistant gloves, disposable respirators, high visibility vests, and disposable overalls, which are available in multiple sizes. These spill kit supplies need to be immediately replenished as the Environment Protection Authority demands.

You can always rely on Ecospill to provide excellent restocking options. They offer the easiest ways to restock you spill kits using with restock packs. They offer restock packs, which are available in 20L, 40L, 100L, 120L, and 240L variations for chemical spill kits, general purpose spill kits, and fuel and oil spill kits. The Environment Protection Authority requires that spill kits be checked regularly, and this can be done quarterly or monthly. You can customise a restocking schedule for your supplies as well as arrange regular spill kit checks with them. If you need to refresh or expand your spill kit supplies, they are the best solution.

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