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Determining Whether Deterioration of Wood Siding in Hammond Is Caused by Termites or Rot

The home shoppers fell in love with the house and can buy it at a very low price because it needs work. Before placing an offer, however, they want to make sure the damage to the wood siding in Hammond is not due to a termite infestation. They will be more inclined to buy the place if the deterioration is due to rotting because the current owners did not keep the siding maintained.

Similarities and Differences

Damage from termites and rotting wood can look remarkably similar, but there are also noteworthy differences. Rotting wood tends to be spongy throughout the affected area. In contrast, termites eat cellulose in the wood and carve tunnels while doing so. The wood remains hard but is missing its structure where the tunnels are located. Also, wood typically decays from the outside, but termite damage begins on the inside.

The issue can be complex because the wood siding in Hammond may already have been decaying before the insects moved in. Those critters like the softer wood because it’s easy to chew. This is a primary reason why pest control companies encourage homeowners to eliminate rotting tree stumps and other dead wood near the house. Technically, the structure of a house is made from dead wood, but the exterior wood components must be treated in some way to prevent insect invasion and rot.

Dry Rot and Weather-Related Deterioration

Dry rot is caused by fungi, although it needs moisture to trigger the action. Other wood decay is caused by weather elements that leave moisture on the surface, including rain, ice, and snow. Ultraviolet light also deteriorates wood over time if the homeowners did not keep up with painting or staining the surfaces.

Replacement Work

A contractor such as Gluth Brothers Roofing Co Inc. can determine whether damage to siding is due to insect destruction or rotting of wood that has not been kept stained or painted. They can replace boards that have deteriorated or even replace all the old siding with new material. Either way, the house will look much more appealing and well-maintained once the project is complete.

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