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What to Include in New Construction Homes in Pittsburgh

Building a new home is one of the most exciting events in life. Every future home owner knows what their home has to include to give them the most convenient, comfortable and attractive design. Even when a home is meant to be a permanent residence, it should never be so custom designed that it restricts the amount of appeal it has to other buyers. Lives and interests change over the years, and the smartest investments are those that offer value and appeal to the largest customer base. Here are some of the features New Construction Homes in Pittsburgh should include in case the current owner ever decides to sell.

Good Quality Finish Materials

Never skimp on the finish materials. The best materials like solid hardwood floors, a glass tile backsplash, and granite countertops never go out of style. The decision to use these products will benefit the homeowner multiple times. It increases visual appeal, reduces maintenance and renovation costs and makes the home more appealing to future buyers.

Efficient Fixtures and Appliances

Another option that benefits the homeowner and any future owners is choosing the most efficient appliances and fixtures possible. Dual-flush toilets save thousands of gallons of water a year. On-demand water heaters, low-flow shower heads, and Energy Smart HVAC systems keep utility bills low and lure in buyers that want an eco-friendly home.

Plenty of Lighting Options

Lighting is one of the most important features in a home. New Construction Homes in Pittsburgh provide the perfect opportunity for the homeowner to have all of the lighting they need from the start. Every room should have three types of lightings. Ambient lighting brightens the space overall. Accent lights eliminate shadowy corners and provide good night lights, and task lighting adds additional illumination to work areas like craft tables, kitchen islands, and bathroom vanities.

Homeowners benefit themselves by remembering to add the features that help homes to sell faster and increase the resale value of their home. They gain the added appeal and comfort they have to enjoy, and they improve their chances of earning a profit if they decide to sell later on. It is almost always cheaper to include these options during the initial build than to have to renovate for them at a later date. Get more information about custom home plans and home additions before starting any new project.