Why You Should Consider House Elevation in New Orleans, LA

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Construction & Maintenance

Much of Louisiana is below sea level, putting homes at risk for flooding and significant damage after storms. Instead of leaving your house’s safety to chance, house elevation in New Orleans, LA provides the ultimate solution. The following are reasons you should consider this service for your property.

Protect Your Home

The most common reason homeowners consider house elevation in New Orleans, LA is to protect their homes against significant damage due to flooding. Hurricanes often happen in the Gulf states, putting your house at increased risk for water damage. Hiring a company to elevate your home puts more space under your home to accommodate flood waters and protect the structure from significant harm or destruction.

Improve Aesthetics

House elevation in New Orleans, LA can improve your home’s aesthetics. When looking at before and after pictures, you will notice that a house looks completely different after raising it on a higher foundation. Your contractors can help you decide if raising your home will create the curb appeal you want. In addition to changing your home’s aesthetics, elevating your house also increases its value.

Save Money

Completing house elevation in New Orleans, LA saves money in the long run. Your insurance company will likely reduce your premiums because flood damage risks decrease. You won’t have to pay for extensive repairs after significant flooding. Although this process can be costly, it often pays for itself.

If you’re interested in house elevation in New Orleans, LA, visit Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring online to schedule a consultation.

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