How to Plan for Roof Repair in Brookfield WI in a Few Simple Steps

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Roofing

How can people inspect their roof in three easy steps? Every owner must learn to inspect his or her roof safely. A roof inspection at regular intervals can help identify problem areas in order to make the necessary roof repair in Brookfield, WI before they become too expensive. While it may be tempting to inspect a roof without professional help, this kind of task almost always leads to disaster. A professional roofer not only uses the latest safety equipment available but is also trained to identify problem areas such as insulation, drainage, and structural problems.

To ensure that a roof remains in top condition, homeowners should inspect it twice a year. In addition, a roof must be checked immediately after severe weather. Snow, hail, and wind could cause serious damage. Unless a roof is made of asphalt shingles, it is important to check the gutters for shingles that may have broken off. Asphalt is not only the cheapest roofing material available, but it also requires less maintenance. On the other hand, asphalt shingles are not recommended in areas subjected to constant changes in weather conditions. When it comes to mild weather, such as heavy snowfall and showers, shingles may rot and deteriorate. Additionally, gutters are often encumbered with leaves, dirt and other debris that can cause severe water leakage and damage to the roof. The gutters should be examined and cleaned twice a year.

Roofs made of wood or those with slotted shingles should be inspected at regular intervals to identify any presence of rotting or deformation. Owners should check for dry rot at least twice a year before deciding on roof repair in Brookfield, WI. However, after each major thunderstorm, the roof must be inspected more often. Rotated or deformed shingles must be replaced immediately. Flashings are pieces of metal that cover areas of the roof that shingles cannot reach. These areas often consist of ventilation ducts, chimneys, and skylights, for example. Locate visible damage such as bumps or cracks in the metal. If the problem is not properly repaired, it can lead to indoor leaks. To learn more, visit website.

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