Differences in Pool Companies in Nassau County, NY

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Discovering the differences in Pool Companies in Nassau County NY, and learning what they mean, can save pool owners a lot of time and money over the lives of their pools. All companies offer weekly cleaning and maintenance plans for pools during the season. Some companies offer customized cleaning and maintenance plans to suit the needs, budgets, and preferences of customers. That places the control of expenses and involvement with customers. If a pool owner, for example, wishes to do the daily maintenance for the pool, a customized plan may only include service once a month to vacuum the pool, balance chemical levels, and check the pump and filter. The customer only pays for the services they want or need.

Another difference is pricing. Most companies charge for all services at an hourly rate. Costs can add up quickly, and budgeting is difficult because owners do not know how long services may take. Experienced companies offer many services at a flat rate, so there are no surprises, making it is easy to budget expenses. The process of closing a pool after the season is a perfect example. Basic tasks include adding winter chemicals to the pool; placement of cover and filling water bags to go on the cover; removal of dive board, ladder, ropes, handrails, and floats; and the installation of return plugs. The filter, pump, motor, and chlorinator have to be disconnected, and water has to be blown out of all water pipes. The service will ensure safety and prolong the life of the pool. It can take a long time to accomplish. An hourly rate can be expensive, while a flat rate tends to be more cost-effective and precise.

Services and capacities differ among pool companies in Nassau County NY as well. Some offer only pool cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. Other companies offer comprehensive services that include pool sales and installation along with additional equipment and replacement components. Renovation, resurfacing, and upgrades are offered for existing pools. Browse our website for complete details. A one-stop shop saves a lot of time, and pricing for products and services tend to cost less because of the scope and size of the company. There is no shortage of pool companies in the area, so take the time to compare them before deciding on one to hire.

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