Types Of Spill Kits In Perth

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

Spills happen all the time at work, but when they involve oil, petrol or chemicals, it is essential that they be cleaned up quickly and safely. Spill kits in Perth are the perfect solution because they have everything you need to contain the spillage and absorb all the liquid or material before it can escape. Many of the kits also include appropriate disposal bags that you can use. The goal here is to choose the right kit for your needs. Learning about the various kits is the first step.

You can find fuel and oil spill kits in Perth, as well as general purpose, chemical, marine, and mercury kits. The marine kit can help with a variety of clean-ups, such as petroleum, oils, fuel, cooking oil, and other liquid spills. The goal is to use the marine one when cleaning up things on water because it doesn’t soak up the water, as well. General purpose kits can be used for almost anything, including some oil. Chemical kits focus on cleaning up chemical or hazardous spills. If you aren’t sure what you need, it might be best to talk to a professional first. They’ll ask you what types of liquids or substances you regularly work with and help you determine what you need and how much.

At EcoSpill, they are one such company. You can call on them to ask questions about what options you need. Once you have an idea, you can find a variety of spill kits in Perth. They have a variety of sizes, which allows you to choose between one large kit that can clean everything up at once or smaller kits placed throughout the premises. Either way, you’ve got many options available to you and can even find training on how to use the items.

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