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Tips To Maintain Your Epoxy Floor Coating

One of the many reasons that epoxy flooring is so popular in residential and commercial applications in Nebraska is the ease of caring for and maintaining this floor coating. It is also very durable and can stand up to winter cold and snow, summer heat and rain and everything in between.
For a garage, commercial building or even a residential floor, epoxy floor coating looks terrific all year around. To make it even better, there is limited upkeep required on this lifelong floor coating, which is always something that is worth considering.

To help keep your epoxy floor coating in like-new condition, there are simple and easy things that you can do as needed. These are no different than other flooring options, but they only have to be completed as needed.

Sweep or Mop

Dust and dirt on the surface of any flooring are going to act like sandpaper, rubbing into the surface of the floor. By sweeping as needed to remove any surface direct, that grinding away of the surface can be eliminated.

Wipe Spills Before Drying

Make it a point to wipe up spills as they happen. While epoxy is resistant to moisture, chemicals and even fuel and oil exposure, wiping up the mess quickly eliminates any potential damage. Additionally, if the liquid dries and hardens on the surface, it will be harder to remove later.

Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaners

Warm water and an approved cleaner for epoxy floor coating are all that is needed for cleaning this type of flooring. In many garages simply using water and the hose will rinse off the surface and leave it clean and shiny. Use a squeegee or a dry mop to remove excess water and avoid streaking as it dries.

Do not use any abrasive cleanser or products on the surface of the floor. These will dull the finish in the areas where they are used, leaving an uneven surface look to the floor.