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The Benefits of Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring in St. Lucie, Florida Homes

It used to be the case that the phrase “luxury vinyl flooring” was considered an oxymoron. Today, though, technological innovations such as 3D imaging have allowed flooring manufacturers to provide a much higher-quality of vinyl flooring planks.

Read on to find out about just a few of the advantages of installing luxury vinyl flooring in St. Lucie, Florida.

Plenty of Design Options

High-quality vinyl planks are available in a wide range of different colors, textures, and styles, allowing them to better mimic more expensive and difficult to maintain flooring materials such as textured stone and hardwood planks. Plus, vinyl planks are available in a wide range of colors, making them a practical option for just about any decor. Common plank widths tend to range from around five inches to seven and a half inches, with lengths ranging between 36 and 48 inches.

Easy to Install

Vinyl is a lightweight material, making it perfect for flooring applications in any room, including basements. Plus, it can often be installed over existing floors, making the entire process even easier and more cost-efficient. While professional contractors are still required for installation, the savings they experience in both material costs and labor can then be passed on to consumers, who will also be able to benefit from a quicker overall installation process.

Easy to Maintain

Cleaning and maintaining high-quality vinyl flooring is a simple matter of routine sweeping and damp mopping. The material is designed to be resistant to both discoloration and delamination, and it is far less susceptible to moisture damage than wood. This makes it both spill resistant and less likely to expand and shrink with the seasons.

Environmental Safety

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in St. Lucie, Florida is an environmentally friendly option. It can help to improve indoor air quality and can be checked for environmental compliance through its FloorScore certification.

Learn More Today

Want to find out more about this high-quality, affordable, easy to maintain, and durable flooring material? Contact Jay’s Floors and More for additional information, or find a contractor who is qualified to install a new luxury vinyl floor in any room of the house today to get started.