The Benefits Of Hiring A Company That Provides Sealcoating Services In Overland Park KS For Asphalt Maintenance

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Asphalt Contractor

Asphalt is one of the most popular materials used in both residential and commercial driveways and parking lots, due to its ability to withstand exposure to the elements. The cost of installing an asphalt surface is usually expensive upfront, but proper maintenance will preserve it and keep it looking beautiful for years into the future. A company that provides Sealcoating Services in Overland Park KS simplifies the maintenance process and will keep any outdoor parking area safe for use.

Crack and Hole Repair

The formation of cracks and holes is common, but ignoring them will only allow them to spread further and lead to expensive repairs in the future. Hiring a seal coating company on a regular basis will help to prevent the onset of deformities and any that have developed will be repaired before the sealant is applied. While the frequency of sealing an asphalt surface depends heavily on how much traffic it is subjected to, most professionals recommend having it done every 12 months.

Slow Down Oxidation

Asphalt contains a substantial amount of oil, and while some oxidation is necessary to help strengthen the material, if it is not managed it will lead to issues in the future. Too much oxidation will cause the asphalt to become brittle, leading to the formation of cracks and other problems. Seal coating helps to slow down the oxidation process by limiting the impacts of UV light exposure and preventing oil evaporation.

Improved Appearance

An asphalt surface that is not adequately maintained will begin to fade and show signs of discoloration as a result of sun exposure and the presence of natural plant matter that lies on its surface. Sealcoating Services in Overland Park KS will restore its appearance and eliminate any fading or color changes that may have occurred, giving a driveway or parking lot a new and fresh appearance.

Regular asphalt maintenance is a great way to keep a parking surface safe for use. Phillips Paving is a provider of asphalt installation and maintenance service and will keep any asphalt surface looking great. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step in preserving a driveway or parking lot for years to come.

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