Spill Kits in Australia: Considerations

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

Spill kits in Australia are designed to protect your employees and property during a spillage. Of course, you should have best practices that everyone follows to prevent spills, but accidents can still happen. The goal is to prevent the spillage from contaminating the environment or harming employees.

To do that, you need to contain the spillage and clean it up safely. There are a variety of kit styles available, some of which can handle just about any liquid. Others are designed for a particular material, such as oil, mercury, or chemicals. If you’re unsure of what you need, you can talk to the company where you plan to purchase them. They can help you determine the best one for your needs.

Spill kits in Australia should be easily accessible. They can hang on the wall and be grabbed quickly. Larger kits/drums can be used for larger spills. If you know you have much oil stored onsite, you need a kit that can soak up every bit of oil in the drum. You may not have a spillage that large, but it’s essential that you can clean it all up if it does all leak out.

At EcoSpill, you can find a variety of types and sizes of kits available because they realise that one size doesn’t fit all when it pertains to spills in the workplace. It can be helpful to talk to a representative to discuss sizing needs. For example, you may use chemical, oil, fuel, and other liquids while doing your job. It’s essential that you have enough absorbents and appropriate materials to clean up every drop. Everything isn’t likely to leak out at the same time, but it helps to be prepared. Spill kits in Australia keep your property and employees safe and reduce your risk of copping a fine.

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