Professional Brush Clearing Service For Maintaining An Unimproved Lot

by | Aug 17, 2016 | General Contractor

Many property holders have an unimproved lot they’re hanging onto. The particular piece of ground was bought years ago, in an undeveloped subdivision. And there’s always been the intention to one day build a house upon it. In the meantime, the property remains overgrown while a neighborhood ends up being built around it over the intervening years. So it becomes part of the responsibility of the property holder to keep the overgrowth limited to that particular parcel of land. In other cases, the property in question is a right-of-way for the local power or gas company. These have to be kept clear on a regular basis to not interfere with the lines or to block access to them, which can hinder proper maintenance.

Asphalt Industries is a provider of Brush Clearing services in addition to the company’s main business of paving and asphalt repair. With a fleet of heavy brush vehicles on call, the company can arrive at a site within minutes and get immediately to work. Tree branches which threaten neighborhood power lines are trimmed down and property line mowing keeps the overgrowth limited to the perimeter of the lot itself. Foliage is cleared away when it threatens to impede a right-of-way pathway. And with mulching equipment on hand, the detritus is easily reduced without any need for burning in a potentially hazardous area. It is not even necessary to haul the mulch away when it’s just a routine maintenance call.

And when the property owner is finally ready to build on that lot he or she has hung onto for so long, our Brush Clearing service is ready. Either a clearance into the area where the house is to be built can be performed if the owner wishes to preserve as much foliage as possible, or a complete reduction of the lot to an empty space can be performed and fill dirt laid down to prepare the site for construction. And the lot can be graded to guarantee an even surface upon which to build. No matter the scale of the job, on any size property, our crews stand ready to perform the work to the client’s specification. So call today and get an estimate, then make your arrangements with us.

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