Choosing the Best Designs for Paver Patios in Brookfield, WI

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

The time has come to do something new with the patio. What is at issue now is what sort of materials to use. One of the best solutions is to create unique design ideas for paver patios in Brookfield WI. Here are some suggestions for how to choose the best ones for the job.

The Shape

What shape or collection of shapes would help create the look the homeowner wants? When it comes to Paver Patios in Brookfield WI, there’s plenty of options to consider. Those who like a more uniform look can stick with one shape while those who like to mix things up a bit can choose two or three shapes to incorporate into the design. Have some fun and consider how those different shapes could be fitted to create a great look.

The Color

Pavers come in many colors. If there’s not one that is to the liking of the customer, it’s easy enough to tint them and achieve the desired effect. As with the shape, some will want to go with a uniform look that provides the basis for whatever furnishing and accessories are placed on the patio. Others will delight in the idea of using many different colors to create a mosaic.

The Size

It’s easy to find pavers in all sizes. That will come in handy when the plan is to use smaller pavers to create a pattern within a pattern. Some will like the idea of using larger pavers for the body of the patio, then create a border using the smaller ones. There’s also the possibility of using the smaller pavers to create geometric shapes in the middle of the patio, then surround them with larger pavers.

Take the time to come up with a few design ideas and then contact Outdoor Living Unlimited for help in making those ideas come to life. It won’t take long to examine the space set aside for the patio, inspect the ideas the client has come up with, and see what it would take to bring one or more of them to life. Once the final design is chosen, it won’t take long to have the pavers in place.

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