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Keep That Grease Trap Functional Using Quality Grease Trap Services

Waste disposal varies by the material being disposed of. For instance, certain businesses and some homes make use of a grease trap to catch excess food, oil and cooking grease before it enters into the sanitary sewage system. Grease traps are simple containers with an inlet, an outlet and at least one baffle. The baffle is used to keep the grease from entering the main sewage line. Grease Trap Services are a series of procedures designed to keep the trap clean and functional.

The most common is cleaning the tank, which should be handled on a frequent basis to prevent the waste from exiting the trap into the sewage. This avoids a number of problems that may occur when the waste grease hardens such as blocked pipes or clogged field lines.There are different types of grease traps.

The first is used simply to separate the grease from the sewage and will need to be cleaned based on usage. A homeowner may only need the trap cleaned every year, but most businesses that have these devices tend to require Grease Trap Services on a monthly basis. The other kind of grease collection system is used for oil and grease recovery. The waste grease and oils are then recycled into bio-fuel as an alternative to diesel. Recycling provides a better alternative than simply tossing the waste into a landfill because the oils can require longer to break down than most other rubbish.

Grease trap maintenance will vary with the business and some places may actually have both kinds of grease collection systems. Many restaurants make use of oil recovery units for cooking oils while still using the typical grease trap to collect the junk that comes from cleaning. This is necessary to keep the waste gunk from entering the sewer lines and forming clogs.

Grease clogs are some of the toughest challenges that plumbers face and when that grease is combined with soaps and other junk, the clog can be tough to remove. In fact, many of these types of clogs will require the use of hydro-jetting services to properly clean the pipes. Eliminate those grease trap issues by contacting an expert such as those employed at website domain.