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Advantages of Adding ADUs to Enhance Your California Residence

ADUs are an excellent alternative housing option. Continue reading to discover the advantages of adding a housing unit to your property.


The holidays can become even more enjoyable by using one of these buildings for your relatives. If you have young children, an accessory dwelling unit might also be the best place to store toys and host play dates. An accessory dwelling unit from Westminster, CA is fantastic for accommodating guests from family and friends and gives your family a cozy, safe space to spend quality time together.

Rental Opportunities

Do your dreams involve rental property? If so, an ADU can fulfill those desires! An accessory dwelling unit from Westminster, CA can be a great place to start, particularly if this is your first investment property. These can get rented at all times or rented out occasionally for a week. These accommodations are ideal for vacations because they typically have their own bedroom, bathroom, and entrance.

Rental Opportunities

An ADU can make dreams for rental property come true. Buying your first investment property and getting an accessory dwelling unit from Westminster, CA can be a good start. You can rent these out for a week here and there, or you can keep them rented at all times. Since these units usually have their own entrance, bathroom, and bedroom, they make for the perfect vacation destination.

Gain these benefits and more from an ADU dwelling from a reputable establishment like Orange County Construction.