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Searching For The Best Demolition Companies in Minnetonka MN? Look No Further

“That building has got to go.” Often times, that is the first decision made by a new commercial property owner. Have you ever wondered why, when the dead fast-food outlet that’s been bought up, the existing building has simply been knocked down to build a new fast-food stand? Why not simply redecorate and renovate it? How often have you seen an old convenience store/gas station get razed only to see a new one put on the same spot?

It seems to defy logic, but in actuality it’s far more cost-effective to demolish and rebuild rather than renovate. The old building may not be in the right configuration to suit the new owners, or its facilities may be outmoded. With gas stations, the old tanks have to be ripped out of the ground as they have only a few years service life to them. The pumps as well are better being replaced with new modern units rather than putting the old ones back in service. This is especially true when older pumps don’t have the same card reader capability and digital control. And if the tanks and pump island have to be redone, you may as well redo the convenience store as well.

Professional Demolition Companies in Minnetonka MN handle all manner of demolition and excavation projects when a building site needs to be cleared for new construction. From the complete removal of a large commercial building down to demolishing an old house, these contractors provide thorough, professional service and have done for generations. They come equipped with a complete fleet of excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, dump trucks, and wrecking equipment which can reduce a building to a pile of rubble and then remove any trace of the debris afterward. Underground basements, piping and gas lines, and tankage is dug out and scrapped. And when the job is done, the cleared lot is filled in with dirt and graded. Thus is it made ready for the new construction project to begin on schedule.

Nitti Inc has been among the premier demolition companies in Minnetonka MN for over thirty years and has made its expert services available to both residential and commercial customers at reasonable rates. If you have a building which needs immediate removal, be it an old store, gas station, or a blighted home, contact us today.