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The Need for Septic Tank Repairs Due to Negligence, Irresponsible Behavior or Unpreventable Damage

Septic Tank Repairs may become necessary due to damage that the property owner could not have prevented. More often, however, trouble develops because the system is not maintained properly or the household residents do not follow the guidelines regarding substances they should not flush or drain into the system. A septic tank, pipes and drain field are not exactly fragile, but they still require a certain amount of attention to continue working effectively.

Proper Maintenance and Recommended Behavior

Proper maintenance includes routine pumping and inspections by a company such as Business Name according to the recommendations of their technicians or other experts. Nobody should drive or park a vehicle over the tank or the drain field, which compacts the soil. Flushing of items that aren’t biodegradable should be avoided, which includes the flushing of feminine hygiene products and baby wipes. Limiting the use of bleach in the laundry and other harsh substances is advisable too.

Septic Tank Repairs may not become necessary until after years of neglect, since these systems are hardy. However, that doesn’t excuse the property owners from treating this private wastewater treatment system poorly. They may kill off the friendly bacteria in the tank if they routinely add bleach to the washing machine and use chemical drain cleaners in the sinks. Eventually, they may wind up paying a large amount of money to have the drain field repaired because they kept letting visitors park on the grass there.

Types of Unpreventable Damage

In regard to sudden damage out of the homeowner’s control, insurance should pay for the repairs. Homeowners insurance will not pay for problems caused by neglect or irresponsible behavior. However, it should pay for issues caused by flooding from heavy rain, which may occur during hurricane season.

Some insurance policies cover repairs or replacement of sewer pipes if tree roots in the yard have invaded joints that have become loose over time. The pressure from those roots may cause cracking of the clay or concrete pipe. The problem generally has two symptoms: unexplained sewer backups and more lush grass growing where the fertilizer is leaking from the system. You can also connect with them on Twitter.