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Commercial Paving In Waterford, CT Will Improve The Value And Appearance Of The Property

There is no project that is too large or small for a company offering Commercial Paving in Waterford CT. Asphalt is an affordable and durable choice for driveways and parking lots. It’s cost effective and a great way to eliminate ruts, mud, and dust caused by using gravel.

Concrete will cost an individual double or triple what an asphalt driveway or parking lot will. Asphalt is flexible, strong, and is an ideal choice for the northern temperature zones. The flexibility of asphalt allows it to move during frost heaves without cracking.


When asphalt needs to be repaired, it’s much easier to fix than concrete. Additional layers of asphalt must be added to repair areas that might have crumbled. Repairs to asphalt surfaces will be reduced when regular maintenance is performed and a proper base was installed before installing the asphalt.


Excavation and grading of the area where asphalt will be installed must be properly performed or the asphalt surface will fail. Proper drainage and a suitable base course are necessary for a hot bituminous asphalt mixture to be applied to the top and compacted for the finishing touch.

The Paver Look

When an individual isn’t interested in a solid black surface for the driveway, parking lot, or walkway, StreetPrint surfaces will provide a realistic-looking solid brick or stone appearance. Commercial Paving in Waterford CT will bond and seal the asphalt to provide a protective coating. The coating will add durability and seal the asphalt against UV damage and oil. Asphalt also makes it easy to remove oil and gas stains.


The best way to be sure an asphalt surface will last for many years to come is by having routine maintenance performed. Small cracks will develop where water has entered the surface and caused the asphalt to crumble. Regularly sealing the surface with a quality sealer and having any cracks repaired by an experienced commercial paving company will make the asphalt last for many years to come.

If you’re interested in improving the look of your home or business, please contact Sullivan Paving. They have years of experience in the area providing outstanding asphalt services.