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Masonry Repair In Philadelphia PA WIll Protect Your Building And Keep It Looking Great

Even though stone, brick, and concrete are very strong, they can still be damaged over time because of moisture and need to be repaired. Water can get trapped below the surface and cause it to crumble or crack. When this happens, Masonry repair in Philadelphia, PA will need to be performed.


Brick has outstanding durability, but the weather and time can cause them to flake and crumble. When the brick absorbs too much moisture and causes this condition, it is called spalling. Bricks that suffer from spalling have cracks and breaks in the surface and will appear as though they’ve been chipped and will need to be replaced.


Gaps or cracks in concrete are not only ugly to look at, water can enter, freeze, and cause expansion that results in damage. Cracks should be sealed by an experienced restoration company before further damage can happen. The longer a crack isn’t repaired, the more extensive the damage can become.


Even though a building exposed to rain, it’s not enough to remove dirt, grime, and pollution that can cause deterioration. Cleaning the surface could include power washing with soap and water or with a degreasing chemical. A building that is exposed to more pollution or is located in an industrial area, will need to be cleaned more frequently than a building that is located in the country.


After the surface of a building is thoroughly clean and dry, a sealer can be applied as part of Masonry repair in Philadelphia, PA. All sealers are clear and have a different sheen. A flat sheen leaves the surface looking unsealed, and a glossy sheen will provide a wet look. The look that the owner wants to achieve will determine the type of sheen that is applied.

Water and moisture is the biggest cause of deterioration of brick, mortar, stucco, stone, and concrete. Over time, these surfaces will have to be repaired and restored to maintain their stability and appearance. An experienced masonry repair company can perform, brick and stone pointing, caulking and waterproofing, inspection and repair of concrete, stabilization and much more. For more information, please visit the website.