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How Does Concrete Waterproofing Work?

In this day and age, almost every construction project imaginable involves the use of concrete. However, despite it being such a common material, concrete is far from perfect. Its greatest weakness is water. Exposing concrete to water risks eroding it over time; however, interaction between water and concrete is almost unavoidable! For years, it was up to property owners and construction staff to simply deal with the drawbacks that come with using concrete and having it be exposed to water. Now there is a solution to this problem: concrete waterproofing.

How exactly does this process work? Keep reading to learn the details.

Which Areas Should Receive Waterproofing?

When it comes to concrete waterproofing in Schenectady, NY, you can most commonly expect the process to be implemented with the concrete making up the foundation of your construction project. Contractors will generally start the waterproofing process by drawing out a plan directly onto the construction site. This will help them to keep track of where to focus their waterproofing work. Most contractors will not waterproof the entire foundation of your construction project; rather, concrete waterproofing in Schenectady, NY typically involves anywhere between six and 12 inches from the base of the foundation, extending up toward the walls of your building.

The Materials Used

Contractors typically perform a concrete waterproofing job with the help of a special epoxy, which may be purchased separately and mixed on-site. You will not have to acquire this epoxy yourself, and should not if you have no experience with construction or working with concrete. Waterproofing epoxy is made of strong chemicals, and must be handled only by someone who is experienced with the material and thoroughly protected by necessary safety equipment.

Contractors will also use chalk to draw out their site plans before waterproofing to make sure it’s easy to see.

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