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Wrought Iron for Railings

Railings are vital for safe use of staircases. In fact, many safety codes require that a staircase has a railing before the public can use it. Installing a railing isn’t exactly a choice for a home or business, but the material of which it’s made is a choice. Wrought iron is a common material for railings and one of the best choices. Here is some information to know about wrought iron railings in Chicago or another city when making your choice.


There are many parts of a building that need constant maintenance. Any part that can lessen that workload is helpful. Wrought iron railing don’t require much maintenance. The paint job must be kept in good condition with proper paint so that it doesn’t rust. However, the paint is the only maintenance required.

If you don’t keep up with the paint job, you can get into expensive trouble. Wrought iron doesn’t weld together well, which means that it’s hard to replace just one part if rust occurs. If a wrought iron railing does get damaged, you need to replace the entire thing.


Wrought iron is a very durable material. It can withstand harsh temperatures without warping or breaking. This makes it a good choice for areas with extreme heat or cold. You need to keep in mind that what makes it so durable in weather is its ability to adapt. If it’s hot outside, the wrought iron absorbs the heat. Most wrought iron is painted black as well, which means that if you place it in a hot, sunny area, it might be hot to the touch for those who use it. This is important to consider in a railing, which is meant to be touched.


Since wrought iron needs to be hand crafted for the beautiful design you choose, it can be pricy. The price balances out most times because the beauty and originality of a wrought iron piece adds value to your property. The durability also means you don’t have to replace it for years. You budget should still be considered when choosing wrought iron.

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