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Steps to Proper Residential Roofing in Appleton

Asphalt shingle roofs cover the majority of the homes in the United States, and most have a lifespan of about twenty years. The only problem is that most people are not able to spot issues with their roof until it is too late. Then again, some just ignore the problem thinking it will go away on its own. What should homeowners understand about Residential Roofing in Appleton?

Choosing the right roofer

How much will you have to pay for a brand-new roof? Knowing the ins and outs of roofing can help folks guarantee they choose a reliable professional, from start to finish. What are the warning signs of a poor roof, and what should homeowners know when replacing said roof? Here are some signs that indicate that it is time to repair or replace a roof:

  • The presence of shingle granules in the gutters;
  • Shingles undulate and curl; and
  • Missing shingles are detected.

The best time to repair a roof

The best time to replace or install Residential Roofing in Appleton is in the spring. Roofers are less overworked, and you’ll get a better price. In addition, shingles will have the summer to ensure they stick well in place. This means that it must not rain and roofers should avoid the cold weather when performing shingles installation.

The cold reduces the adhesive capacity of the self-adhesive shingles tape, making it more vulnerable to the elements. If a roof is redone in cold weather (emergency), roofing glue must be used on the shingles… and the cost is higher. Take this into account if you are thinking about repairing your roof.

Other things to keep in mind

First, homeowners need to assess why the apparent age does not reflect the actual age. If the problem arises from the manufacturer who shipped a non-compliant product, check your manufacturer’s warranty: you may be protected. If a class action has been filed against the material or the manufacturer, simply provide proof of purchase and register a complaint. However, if the deficiency arises from the installation, a complaint against the roofer must be made. Get a free estimate by clicking here.