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by | Jun 15, 2016 | Roofing

If someone notices there is water leaking from the ceiling or along a wall in the home, they will want to take all necessary steps to finding out the source of damage where moisture is be let through. There are a few steps the homeowner can take to try patching a damaged area before they call a Roofing Company in Grove City Ohio to assist with the problem.

If the leaking is occurring along an interior wall of the home, there is a chance the gutter system is to blame. When a gutter becomes filled with debris, the water inside tends to collect in one area, leading to an overflow which can very well get underneath nearby shingles. Cleaning out the gutter so water can flow without obstruction is key in keeping this type of leak to occur. Check the shingles along the bottom tier of the roof for wear and replace as necessary. In many instances a simple clean-out will stop the leak from continuing.

If the leak is coming from the ceiling, there is most likely a shingle in need of replacement on the exterior of the home. Getting up on the rooftop to take a closer look is best. If the person does not feel safe doing this themselves, they can call a roofing contractor to do the job for them. Shingles that appear to be crumbling should be removed and replaced with rigid, new ones. Flashing that appears to be riddled with rust should also be replaced with fresh pieces.

The areas along the chimney, skylights, vents and other protruding items are prone to leaking through seams. These areas should be checked regularly for decayed portions of shingles or flashing and fixed promptly. It is also important to clean the rooftop regularly so debris does not accumulate moisture. This could lead to the decay of the shingles underneath.

If someone needs to get a hold of a reliable Roofing Company in Grove City Ohio to do an evaluation of a leaking roof, they do not need to go further than online. Take a look at for contact information for a professional service seasoned in this type of work.

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