Signs of Structural Damage that Needs to be Addressed by a Roofing Contractor in Rochester, MN

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Roofing

Roofs have to maintain their structural integrity in order to provide complete weather protection. However, any breaches in the roofing material can cause damage to occur to the structures. These are a few signs that the structure may have been compromised and need to be addressed by the contractors.

One of the signs that the structure may need to be repaired by a Roofing Contractor in Rochester MN is a noticeable defect to the roof. Roof lines should follow a consistent slope. If the slope seems to dip in an area or there is a noticeably raised spot, the structure may have sustained damage. While water damage is the most common cause of this type of problem, a shifting foundation can also be the culprit.

Another sign that the structure may have problems from a reoccurring leakage. The problem in this case is that the water continues to leak onto the same structural support system. After the constant assault, the wood will begin to deteriorate. An inspection will need to be conducted to determine if the structure has been compromised. Soft or pitted wood structures will have to be replaced after the issues have been addressed. Depending on the how the reoccurring leakage has developed, a restructuring may have to be done.

Misshapen shingles can also indicate an issue with the roof structure. While a discussion with a Roofing Contractor in Rochester MN will be needed to determine the actual cause, the underlying structure will need to be inspected. Any damage to the shingles can destroy the water protection. This will allow water to reach the support system. Usually, the plywood is the first item to suffer significant damage. That damage can spread to the supports and lead to a compromise of the wood. If the water has gotten in that deeply, replacements will have to be done.

Roofs are only as strong as their support system. If there are any signs that the structure can be compromised, a thorough inspection is needed. If the supports start failing, the roof will start having major problems. For more information on addressing issues with roofs, contact Visit the website

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