Landscapers in Caldwell NJ Help Homeowners Attract Birds and Other Wildlife

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Landscape Contracting

Landscapers in Caldwell NJ are skilled at helping homeowners create an inviting place for birds, butterflies and other wildlife to visit. Many people love watching a variety of birds as well as squirrels come around to eat, drink and nest. Consider some of the yard features that these critters find most appealing.

Trees and Bushes

With its proximity to New York City, the Caldwell area doesn’t have much in the way of vacant residential lots where homeowners start their landscaping from a barren piece of land. Nevertheless, previous owners may not have been focused on planting trees and bushes that are attractive to birds and other wild creatures. Oak trees, willows and spruce trees are excellent choices for providing food and nesting opportunities. Bushes that have berries are recommended as well. Landscapers in Caldwell NJ can advise property owners on which bushes would be ideal for the birds they want to attract.

Trees and bushes also provide shelter for birds who want to come to the feeders but also want a place to hide nearby. In addition, some birds don’t perch at feeders; instead, they fly back and forth from the feeder to a place where they can safely crack open and eat sunflower seeds. Chickadees are well known for this activity.


Wildflowers are nearly always a good choice, especially if they are native to the region. Wildflower gardens generally don’t require a great deal of maintenance, as these species tend to be hardy. The property owners may be delighted to find that tall, colorful flowers attract hummingbirds that zip around at amazing speeds.

Wild creatures especially like landscapes that look natural. It’s instinctive for them to feel more comfortable in those settings. Talented landscapers can construct flowerbeds that help birds, butterflies and squirrels feel reassured about the environment.

Water Features

A company such as Bednar Landscape Services also can install water features that birds, squirrels and butterflies enjoy. A simple birdbath or two is helpful, but many homeowners want to be a bit more extravagant. They might like to have a small pond or a water fountain, for example.

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