Uses for Crushed Concrete in Aransas Pass, Texas

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Concrete Contractor

Old concrete from foundations, walkways, and structures can be recycled much more easily than most building materials. Contractors can use a concrete crusher to break it down into a new, reusable material on-site. Read on to find out about a few of the most common applications for Crushed Concrete in Aransas Pass Texas to find out what to do next.

Mixing New Concrete

Crushed concrete can be used as an aggregate in sub-bases or in new concrete. Both CA6 recycled PCC and Grade 8 recycled concrete commonly use crushed concrete. They’re found in roads, parking lots, and driveways.

Recycled Stone

Most Crushed Concrete in Aransas Pass Texas is between 1″ and 2″ in size. This recycled concrete product can stabilize construction sites, create a bottom layer for road bases, or as backfill.

Engineered Fill Sand

Finely ground recycled concrete is used to fabricate engineered fill sand. This material is fine-grained, like natural sand, and is often used in environmental fill and remediation projects thanks to its ability to neutralize pH levels.

Drainage Projects

Contractors can use gravel-sized pieces of crushed concrete to improve drainage in wet areas. Residential landscaping contractors can dig trenches through wet areas of their clients’ yards, install perforated PVC drainage pipes, and then fill in the trenches with crushed concrete. Once they’ve replaced the top layer of soil, the drainage system will be completed.

Retaining Walls and Terraced Gardens

Residential landscaping contractors also use crushed concrete to control erosion. It can be used as a base for either retaining walls or terraced gardens to add extra stability. Since crushed concrete offers superior drainage, this base will help to prevent erosion, besides allowing contractors to stabilize the sites.

Paths and Walkways

Even homeowners can finish this project without professional help. They can order crushed concrete or repurpose their own heavy waste, using large pieces of recycled concrete as if they were natural stones then filling in the gaps with smaller concrete aggregate.

The Bottom Line

Concrete is a versatile material. Not only can it be used for a wide variety of construction and paving projects, but once those completed structures have reached the end of their useful lifespans, it can be reused for the projects listed above and others. Contact Aaron Concrete Contractors to order clean crushed concrete today.

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