Five Reasons You Should Have Your Gutters Cleaned Out Regularly

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

Unless you’re in the business, the last thing on your mind most of the time is cleaning out your house’s gutters. However, without regular cleaning, you could face a myriad of problems, such as the ones listed below, and be forced to call for gutter repair in Springfield.

Damage to Roof

Gutters are pathways that transport water away from your roof, which is built to handle some amount of rainfall. However, your roof can’t deal with overflowing gutter water. Natural debris, such as sticks and stones, can block up your gutter spouts over time and lead to overflows that eventually cause your roof to start rotting.

Pest Invasion

Natural debris makes great homes for all sorts of pests, even some smaller animals. Additionally, when that natural debris is moist and near water, then you have the perfect home for critters. If allowed to sit in your gutters, sticks and stones will become home to pests that may eventually make it into your house through holes caused by water damage or openings they make themselves.

Mold Damage

Mold loves piles of moist natural debris. With lots of it blocking your gutters, mold and mildew will eventually appear. If left untreated, this mold can spread into parts of your home without your knowledge. Once you finally realize you have this toxic fungus, it could be present throughout your house.

Landscape Damage

Blocked gutters can produce waterfalls of water that should be going down a drain but instead are falling onto areas of your property not designed for water flow. These downpours will do damage to your plant and garden beds by disrupting the soil and flooding these areas out.

Call for Help

You can prevent the above scenarios from playing out by simply calling in a professional for regular inspection and service. They’ll not only clean your gutters but also nip in the bud any problems they see developing helping you to avoid gutter repair in Springfield.

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