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4 Tasks to Complete within Pipeline Construction in Alberta

Oil is in high demand, which will not change anytime soon. It has a variety of uses in different industries. If you are thinking about investing in natural gas drilling, then you should understand all aspects of this operation. Read on to find out about four tasks within a pipeline construction Alberta project.

Survey the Area

The construction foreman must survey the area before starting a pipeline construction Alberta project. You have to locate agricultural drainages and utility lines. After finding these items, the areas must be marked to prevent accidental damage.

The crew also must mark the pipeline’s exterior and centerline with stakes to create boundaries. This surveying should be done before starting the construction.

Create Trenches

The pipeline should be cleared of vegetation. It helps to take temporary erosion measures before moving dirt around. Trenching machines and backhoes can be used for digging a pipeline trench. The dirt removed from digging the hole should be put on the non-working side of the excavation.

String Pipe Joints

Pipe joints should be made accessible to the construction crew. You want to make individual strings of pipe joints to make them easy to access. A mechanical pipe bending can be used to help with the placement of the pipe joints. It works by bending the joints to mold to the changes of the pipeline route.

Weld the Pipes Together

The next step is welding the pipe sections together. They are aligned and put on temporary supports along the side of the trench. After the welding, the pipes must be thoroughly inspected.

This setup is like an assembly line. A large project is usually broken up into small parts. You will need several experienced crew members to help with carrying out a pipeline construction. Contact Platinum Pipefitting Inc. at for pipeline services.