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The Advantages Of Working With Construction Land Surveying Staten Island NY

Most people have seen a group of workers holding sticks and looking through equipment as they conduct a land survey. However, very few people understand the complex nature of this work and the benefits it brings to people in various industries. In the commercial and construction industries, the benefits of construction land surveying Staten Island NY are easy to see for those who specialize in this sector.

Understanding the boundaries of your lot

When buying a piece of land, whether it already contains a building or not, a land survey will always be undertaken to chart the boundaries of the chosen lot. This can provide vital information for an architect and any construction companies looking to build on Staten Island, New York. The available space is so small that every inch of real estate is vital to achieving the dreams of the property owner and constructing the building they are dreaming of. Rampa Land Surveying P.C. provides accurate mapping of the boundaries of a lot can lead to a simple way of making sure all construction work takes place on the right piece of land to avoid problems in the future.

Know where construction has taken place

Mistakes can happen in the construction industry when the work of construction land surveying Staten Island NY is ignored or not sought. A land surveyor will quickly discover if a neighboring property has encroached across the boundary to build on the neighboring plot and cost the owner money and space. The roles can also be reversed with a land surveyor discovering if there is the possibility to purchase land from a neighbor and use it for a construction project. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.