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What Do NYC Land Surveyors Do?

Considering a career as a land surveyor in NYC? You’re not alone – the career field is always growing, with projected growth of 11% over the next ten years – faster than the national average. Before you sign those hiring papers, though, take a look at what surveyors do:

What Do Surveyors Do?

Have you ever seen people in high-visibility jackets or attire, taking photos of seemingly-empty landscapes? Those were very likely land surveyors. These professionals are responsible for photographing and collecting information about areas that will later be used for construction or another purpose that requires an understanding of the area.

The Many Ways to Survey

Being an NYC land surveyor doesn’t always mean performing your duties to benefit construction agencies. Here are just a few of the other ways you can enjoy this interesting career:

* Geodetic surveyors – To get the amazing, high-quality photos that mapping relies on – and which help determine where developments of large areas will be best placed – geodetic surveyors use super-powered camera technology and satellite images to capture information about very large sections of land.

* Forensic surveyors – When accidents happen, forensic surveyors are tasked with taking photographs of the damage and the surrounding area for study.

* Mine surveyors – These professionals are tasked with both photographing the surface of mines and mapping out the tunnels and twists of a mine’s interior.

* Hydrographic or marine surveyors – These surveyors take note of the physical features of bodies of water, from the depth and topography of the land below to the shoreline and water itself.

Employment Opportunities  

Just as there are many ways to be an NYC land surveyor, there are also many opportunities for work in the field. Companies like Rampa Land Surveying P.C. offer surveying services to companies and organizations of all kinds, public and private, and employ surveyors from all over New York and beyond. Contact your local surveying company to ask about employment opportunities near you. You can also follow them on Instagram for more updates.