Signs that Swimming Pool Repair Sacramento CA is Needed

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Swimming Pools and Spas

Most homeowners install a swimming pool to provide a retreat and source of relaxation in their own backyard. However, nothing will ruin that enjoyment quite like the need for Swimming Pool Repair Sacramento CA. The very best thing that can be done is to be knowledgeable about what to look for what will indicate that some type of restoration is needed.

There are three main types of materials that are used in the construction of swimming pools, which includes fiberglass, concrete and vinyl. It is important to understand what issues are prone to different materials, which will help pool owners know when swimming pool repair in Sacramento, CA is needed. When it comes to materials, the small details matter:

• Vinyl is used in most in ground pools. However, the liner is able to be torn and a small leak can typically be repaired, but larger leaks will result in the need for an entirely new liner.

• Concrete may develop cracks as time passes. While a small crack may be able to be repaired easily, a bigger crack may result in re-plastering.

• Fiberglass can become discolored. Acid washes will help to fix this problem.

The majority of signs that a swimming pool needs attention can be overlooked, but being aware of what they are will minimize this significantly. Other sounds that may indicate a problem include:

• Water levels that are low for no reason.

• Strange noises.

• Broken tiles inside of the pool, soft or uneven ground, cracks that surround the pool.

• If the pump motor turns on or off by itself or is making louder than usual sounds.

• If the motor begins to suck air.

While there are some repairs that are easy to fix, it is typically in the best interest of the homeowner to call the pool professionals. The longer that a person waits to call for repairs, the more expensive they will become.

More information can be found about pool cleaning and maintenance by calling the professionals from Geremia Pools. Don’t let an issue go unfixed. This will only result in more issues and higher costs in the long run.

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