Questions Often Asked About Septic Tank Maintenance In Quakertown, PA

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Septic Tank & Portable Restrooms

Homeowners who rely on a septic system must make sure that it’s working properly at all times. A malfunctioning septic tank can cause issues inside the home, and it can also cause problems with the leach field. To prevent these problems from occurring, homeowners must regularly schedule a service visit from a professional who provides Septic Tank Maintenance in Quakertown PA. To learn more information, read the questions below that homeowners often ask about maintaining a septic system.

Q.) How can a homeowner identify septic system problems?

A.) It’s usually not difficult to identify problems with a septic system but, by the time the problems are noticeable, the repairs can be expensive. When bathtubs and sinks become slow to drain or if they start backing up with dirty water, this is a sign that there’s an issue with the septic system. Homeowners can also identify septic system problems by examining the leach field. A strong sewage odor will be present and the ground will be soggy because it’s soaked with liquids from the septic tank.

Q.) What is the best way that homeowners can prevent problems with the septic system?

A.) To keep septic system problems from occurring, families should never flush anything down the toilet stool except for toilet tissue. Flushed items that can cause a septic system to malfunction include paper towels, diapers, and baby towelettes. Cooking oil, grease, and food scraps should never be washed down the kitchen sink drain. These substances can cause the septic system to clog because they don’t break down. Homeowners should also contact an experienced company that provides Septic Tank Maintenance in Quakertown PA, at least every three years to inspect and perform maintenance on the system. During the inspection, the technician will examine the leach field and the septic tank to ensure they’re working properly. After checking the level of the septic tank, the technician will pump it out if required.

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