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Hire A Roofing Contractor For These Common Issues

Although roofs can fail for a variety of reasons, below are some of the most common problems found in residential roofs. Most of these issues are easily identifiable by homeowners, but should be repaired by professionals. If a homeowner can’t safely access the roof, or if they doubt their ability to do the job properly, they should call a Roofing Contractor.

Fascia Deterioration

The fascia is a band that runs horizontally around the home, perpendicular to the edge of the roof. Most fascia is made of sheet metal or wood, and their primary use is to serve as a layer between the roof’s edge and the elements. The fascia is also there for aesthetic reasons, creating an even, smooth appearance on the roof’s edge. Most deterioration is caused by moisture intrusion; homeowners can look for signs of damage and contact a roofer right away if they’re found.


The soffit is the surface between the overhanging part of the roof eave, or the finished area below the rafters and the fascia. Vented soffit is equipped with small holes that allow air to circulate and to draw moisture and heat away from the home. Soffit ventilates the attic and prevents rot in the rafters and the sheathing; most are made of vinyl because it’s cost effective and water resistant. Look for rot, holes and cracks to keep pests and water out.


Flashing is a component that seals the edges, penetrations, walls and perimeters, along with other areas where the covering is terminated or interrupted. The flashing’s primary function is to seal voids where water might enter. Most flashings are made of galvanized steel or aluminum, and they are commonly found in the valleys, around chimneys, and around skylights. Oxidization and weather are the most common reasons for deterioration, but it can sometimes come loose. Roofers with JF Baker Roofing cut their own flashings, but some come preformed and can easily be applied.

There are many reasons why roofs fail, and those listed above are some of the most common. Some roof issues can be fixed by a handy homeowner, but most should be fixed by a professional. By calling in a Roofing Contractor at the first sign of trouble, the homeowner can stop a minor problem from becoming a major one. Visit for more information. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.