Signs it is Time for Replacement Windows in Lexington KY

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

There are a number of factors that can indicate that replacement windows in Lexington KY are necessary. One is the age of the windows. The older they are, the higher likelihood they will need to be replaced. Some of the other signs that replacement is necessary can be found here.

There is a Draft

As a window ages, it can be exposed to moisture, which will result in the window becoming warped. There may also be gaps created due to the window expanding and contracting when the temperatures get extremely cold or extremely hot. In some cases, a draft can be eliminated by simply caulking around the frame. However, if the draft is still able to be felt after this repair is done, it is a likely time for Replacement Windows in Lexington KY.

Windows with Condensation or Icing Inside the Panes

If windows are triple or double paned, then the condensation in between the panes mean that the layer of air inside, which is used for insulation, has been broken or compromised. In some cases, this can be repaired. However, if it is severe, a replacement will be necessary. For windows that are extremely old, moisture and air leaks can result in icing to appear inside of the window. This is a telltale sign that new windows need to be installed.

Issues Closing or Opening the Windows

If windows get stuck or are unable to be opened easily, then this is a definite sign that replacement may be needed. Even if there is not the presence of any air leaks or other issues, the windows have to be functional to remain useful. For those who live where temperatures fluctuate often, then wood might not be the best option or material for replacement windows. This is because they will expand and contract according to the temperature outside.

Take some time to browse all the window selections to find the one that best suits the needs of the home. Those who want to learn more can also take some time to visit us. Doing this will pay off and ensure that the right windows are installed.

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