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Choose a Reliable Naperville Home Builder

One of the first mistakes a person can make in a building project is to NOT choose a reliable Naperville home builder.  You likely know of at least one person that has a construction building horror story. They are fairly common. You hear tales of long delays, work stoppage, code issues and a litany of other things that have gone wrong during a building project.  It is true there are a lot of disappointed people out there when it comes to their building projects but it does not have to be that way. Choosing an experienced home builder will ensure that you do not have a building horror story to tell.

How Do You Recognize Reliability?

Most people make their builder decision based on the bid which is mistake number one. They do not take the time to check out the builder’s portfolio and they go with the lowest bid to save on costs. The lowest bid rarely is the best value. When a bid comes in too low you should ask yourself “why is this builder able to bid so low?”.  Most of the time a builder that bids very low is a very small operation or a very inexperienced operation. Small operations can mean huge delays. If the work crew is too small your build will never get done. If the crew is too inexperienced you will run into problems with the build.  Remember that low bid is not necessarily the best value.

Look for a builder that can offer the following:

  *  Fair pricing
  *  Ample staff
  *  Experienced staff
  *  A portfolio of projects
  *  References if you request them

The lowest bid may not be the best value but fair pricing is a must. Fair pricing means that you are getting the value that you need for your money. Shop around and compare prices.  A reliable company will have enough staff to complete your build on time. Experience is very important when it comes to building within codes.  Take a look at the home builders portfolio, do you like what you see?  Don’t be afraid to ask for references, reputation really counts in this industry. A home builder with a strong positive reputation speaks volumes about their reliability.

You can avoid being a part of the “home builder horror story” crew by choosing a builder that can bring reliability and commitment to the project.

Greenside Design Build is the Naperville home builder that is reliable, talented, and can get your project done on time. Visit Greenside at to talk about your project! Follow them on