Keep Mud Where it Belongs With Residential Asphalt Paving

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Asphalt Contractor

If you’ve got a lot of mud around your home, and it regularly finds its way into your house as well as your vehicles, Residential Asphalt Paving could be the answer. While gravel tends to wash away with the first big rain, asphalt is designed to stay in place regardless of the weather. Stone and brick pavers add a unique touch, but their effect is only temporary. Before long, they’ll become as displaced as their smaller, lighter counterparts. Though asphalt is the most permanent solution you’ll find to an ongoing parking and tracking problem, it does need to be constructed and maintained properly.

Over time, the same weather responsible for leaving your yard a muddy mess will take its toll on your driveway, parking space, and other paved areas. Extreme heat causes asphalt to swell and soften to a degree. When it contracts, it could begin to crack. Rainwater then has an opportunity to seep into those crevices. At the same time, when moisture freezes, it causes those cracks to widen and grow longer.

All this could lead to a number of issues with your paving if it’s not maintained and repaired as needed. When water makes its way underneath the asphalt, it could leave weak spots where depressions may develop. In turn, those could become potholes just like the vehicle-damaging ones you’ll encounter on poorly maintained roads. Asphalt is naturally resilient to these effects, but only for a time. Without regular sealing, small cracks may broaden into alligator cracking, which looks quite a bit like the name indicates.

Problems like these can be repaired by a Residential Asphalt Paving company. Depressions and potholes are typically patched, essentially meaning they’re refilled with asphalt and sealed. Cracks may be filled with a sturdy substance designed withstand the common expansions and contractions of asphalt. Having your paved areas resurfaced on occasion helps prevent damage, but it’s only recommended if your asphalt is in good repair. Resurfacing damaged asphalt will only lead to greater problems.

Asphalt is a practical and cost-effective option for driveways, parking areas, tennis courts and other features around your home. Having regular maintenance carried out goes a long way toward preventing the common damage-related issues. If you’d like to learn more about keeping mud where it belongs and, potentially, increasing your home’s curb appeal, visit website.

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