What You Need To Know About Hand Dryers

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

When it comes to running a business, there are some things that you may not think of. One example of this, what will help your employees, and customers use to dry their hands in the bathroom. There are two major options, a towel or a bathroom hand dryer. Each option has benefits and detractors, but before you decide it is a good idea to know some basic facts about hand dryers. These units are designed to dry hands by blowing warm, dry air over them and can save you a lot of reordering materials. Hand dryers activated by a sensor, as opposed to a button, can even keep your bathroom more sanitary.

Why Do You Need One?

A bathroom hand dryer can be one of the most sanitary and green ways to dry your hands at work or home, especially if there are a lot of employees and customers using your restroom. You will be able to empty the wastebasket less often because it will not constantly be filled with paper towels. For come companies, this can save space as well as other resources because a smaller restroom will be able to have a smaller wastebasket and still only be emptied once a day. As the technologies involved in these dryers is improved, you can also see benefits such as dryer hands in less time and more accurate activation sensors.

How To Choose One?

The first thing that you should do when trying to choose the right dryer for your bathrooms is decided on the size of unit that you need. Some will have a larger capacity or footprint than others and can be more suited for a larger or smaller bathroom size. You can also choose between models with different ways to activate the dryer, buttons or sensors, and different sound levels. Once you know what options are out there, you can determine which ones will be the best to meet your needs and find the right make and model or hand dryer for your restroom.

A bathroom hand dryer can be an excellent addition to your public restroom by saving you time and money over a paper towel system. These appliances can also save space in your restroom by having a sleek profile and requiring a smaller wastebasket. This can also help keep your space more sanitary and avoid having wet hands when the paper runs out. You can find a variety of different dryer types to best suit the volume of air that you want and the volume of traffic that your restroom sees.

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