Power Generators in Chicago Heights, IL: Be Ready When the System Fails

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Electrical

Power outages are doubling every five years according to recent reports from America’s energy sector, placing the latest estimates at more than 200 significant events in a single year. In fact, one account points to more than 21 outages per month during the most recent year for which information has been made available.

These situations are said to be costing the nation’s businesses more than $150 billion annually and the general public quite a bit more than monetary losses. Though some are saying all this is a sign of worse things to come, others simply feel it’s a cue to buy Power Generators in Chicago Heights IL.

Why Are So Many Outages Taking Place?

As you might imagine, severe weather is the most common culprit by a landslide. Winter storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, extreme heat waves and other incidents are happening considerably more often than at any other point in history. Theories revolving around why weather has ramped up to this extent vary greatly, but most agree it’s not just a matter of more convenient methods of reporting and more accurate record keeping.

Another issue is the nation’s aging power grid. You may have already heard this factor being tossed around; if not, it’s just as it sounds. Roughly 70 percent of America’s power lines and transformers are more than 25 years old, and the majority of power plants are even older. Some components of the grid have been in operation for over a century. Though a willingness to update the system is there, it’s just too large to cover with the manpower available.

Get Ready

Considering the magnitude of today’s reliance on electricity, far more is at stake during a power outage than heat and air conditioning. Businesses and families alike run the risk of sensitive information falling too easily into the wrong hands when the electricity goes out. Security systems don’t always work as they should, and phones only last so long without a quick recharge. Power Generators in Chicago Heights IL give you the backup you need when the grid fails.

If you haven’t yet experienced an outage, you’re among the minority. They’re hitting all corners of the country, taking place more frequently and lasting longer than even a few years ago. Click Here to learn more about the many safety nets available to help combat this growing problem.

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