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Installation and Refinishing From Skilled Flooring Contractors in Hartford, CT

Whether you need to install a brand-new floor or have your old floor refurbished after years of neglect, you can hire a team of flooring contractors for any project. They will know exactly how to install new flooring with precision, and they will know how to bring new life to floors that have lost their shine.

All Aspects of Flooring Installation

As with any home renovation, there is some planning involved with new flooring installation. Installations begin with a consultation where your contractors will work with you to understand your needs and the look you are going for with your flooring. Reputable flooring contractors in Hartford, CT will supply high-quality materials from the leading brands so that your flooring looks incredible and retains its quality for as long as possible.

Flooring contractors can tear up the old floor, install sub-flooring, and make sure that the area underneath is prepared for the hardwood. Your contractors will prep, install, and clean up the entirety of the project, leaving you with a seamless new floor that meets all of your requirements.

Refurbishing Old Flooring

Even with regular maintenance, flooring will start to show signs of aging but rarely is it ever beyond repair. Flooring contractors work with professional-grade tools, sanding equipment, and even dustless refinishing machines to completely transform the look of your wood flooring. With a “dustless” approach, your contractors can minimize dust in the air, protecting your air quality and creating a safer environment for the future.

You can find more information by visiting your contractor’s website and exploring their services. In severe cases, they can even replace old wood and work out leveling issues. Whatever is necessary to ensure that your flooring looks excellent and holds up for the coming years, you can count on your contractors to get it done.