The Importance of Grain Dryers in Oregon

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

When growing and harvesting corn, grain dryers are a huge convenience and provide the necessary action of keeping corn dry enough to be shipped to buyers. Such corn is sold by weight, and you will often hear the word “bushel” when referring to the purchase of grains, which is a unit of measurement for the weight of that grain. A bushel of corn, for example, is 56 pounds and will be priced by that amount, and different grains have different weights for one bushel.

Better Harvest

When corn is mature, the moisture level is typically at about 30 percent, but farmers will routinely allow this to decrease for as long as possible until it is at a minimum of 25 percent before harvesting. At this moisture level, the kernels are much easier to shell and the stalks generally more capable of being efficiently harvested. However, rain and other factors may cause the kernels or grains to dry out too slowly, making grain dryers in Oregon necessary to get the desired levels.


Grain is often dried in grain dryers and then in storage bins for several months before it is sold or used, and the drying process is necessary to avoid the spoiling of the grain during this time. Visit us to learn more about dryers and how they aid in the preservation of grain when used on farms around the world. With grain that is properly dried out, it is significantly less likely that any mold can begin to take hold, which would result in crop loss.

Dryers are varied in type and size, and you could choose one using propane or natural gas to heat air and then utilize large fans to circulate that air through the grain. This is the process that will keep the grain dry, and could be necessary to use augers to move the grain through the bin to ensure uniform drying.

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