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Get Help From A Brick Repair Service In Wilmington, DE

Brick structures may last for a hundred years. However, repairs may be necessary over time. Experts say mortar joints start showing signs of wear and tear after twenty years or so. One of the first signs of trouble is the erosion of the mortar. Crumbling and cracking mortar also needs to be repaired. Finally, it is a warning sign when a gap develops between bricks and the surrounding mortar. This is not a do-it-yourself repair. It takes years to learn how to work with brick masonry.

Professionals at a brick repair service in Wilmington, DE have special skills and training. They know the importance of restoring original work. It is key to match bricks and mortar so repaired areas blend in. Indeed, color is not the only issue when mortar needs to be replaced. Over the years, brick masons used a variety of materials to make mortar. Experts say the color and consistency should match. Incorrectly blended mortar can harm a structure’s stability. In the end, the attempted restoration causes more harm than good. Amazingly, there are artists skilled at matching mortar. They learn how to analyze ingredients in mortar so it can be duplicated.

A brick repair service in Wilmington, DE has many skilled workers. These workers are experts at the difficult work of tuckpointing and repointing. There are those who use these terms interchangeably. Nonetheless, they really are different skills. The old mortar must be removed before a repair can be done. The removal of the mortar is known as repointing. The process is expensive because it is labor intensive. About an inch of the old mortar is chiseled out of the joint. The work can be done by hand or sometimes an electric grinder is used.

Afterward, workers begin the process of tuckpointing. Tuckpointing involves using two separate colors of mortar to fill in the chiseled area. One of the colors matches the bricks for a smooth look. The other color is used for the mortar joints. Tuckpointing makes the joints appear thinner rather than thick. All in all, it gives a structure the appearance of rubbed brick which is expensive. If you need help with brick repair, visit the website.