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Concrete Patio Designs in Arizona: Deciding What to Include

Patios do not have to be boring spots. In fact, with the right elements, it can be a great spot for parties, family time, or just getting away from the stress of life. When the plan is to make some updates to the patio, consider these ideas for Concrete Patio Designs in Arizona.

Staining the Concrete

One way to add visual interest to any of the concrete patio designs in Arizona is to stain the concrete. Choose a color that helps to visually connect the house with whatever is happening with the landscaping. Instead of a drab gray, the color will help set the stage for dressing the patio and making it into comfortable living space. As a bonus, the stain will not make it any harder to keep the patio clean.

Considering Stencils

Who says a patio floor has to be a completely flat and unadorned slab? Consider the idea of using a stencil to create a pattern in the concrete. Even if the patio is already set, it will be easy enough to lay a stencil over an area and use sandblasting equipment to etch out the desired design. Once the pattern is in place, it will be easy to use a single color or even a few colors to create the look of tile or a mosaic without having to go to all the expense.

Adding Borders

The average patio is a simple slab that is open on all sides. Why not dress things up with some elements that add definition to space? For example, installing a concrete flower box that runs along one of the short sides of the patio is a great way to create a focal point. Consider placing three taller plants in the box, with one in the middle. Make sure they do not require a lot of water or upkeep. Fill in the space between each one with some sort of ivy or another low plant that also needs little attention. The result will be dramatic without involving a lot of expense.

For help with constructing a new patio or renovating an older one, visit  and arrange to speak with a contractor. It will not take long to come up with an idea that is just right for the home.