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Find A Compaction Grout Service in Baton Rouge LA

Who needs a compaction grout service in Baton Rouge LA? Grouting services involve more than applying grout between ceramic tiles on a new floor or wall. These services are often needed for remedial construction projects involving concrete. There are several types of grouting services including chemical grouting, compaction grouting, and pressure grouting. These types of grouting are the correct solution for many applications in commercial construction.

Construction Problems That Call for Grouting Applications

Older buildings can develop problems such as annular spaces forming voids under concrete slabs. These grouting solutions can be used with pipeline abandonments, strengthening bulkheads, and densifying and strengthening soils. Settlement of concrete structures and misaligned concrete slabs may call for commercial Compaction Grout Service in Baton Rouge LA to make them level and re-aligned correctly. Strengthening bulkheads may also require these grouting services.

These commercial grouting services may also be used to create curtain walls and cutting off groundwater.

The Same Company May Offer Concrete Lifting and Leveling Services

Commercial building owners who notice building settlement, causing unlevel concrete slabs or the sinking of the building need to act quickly to fix the problem. Why bother fixing concrete settlement? Concrete settles for a reason and if that reason is not addressed the problem can get worse until the stability of the commercial building is undermined. Buildings can develop multiple cracks and uneven floors that can cause accidents and injuries.

When a building is out of level with visible cracks in walls or floors the value goes down and it will be harder to sell. Cracked, uneven concrete can let ground water into a building causing property damage. Doors and windows may become misaligned and hard to open and close. Water may begin to pool on outdoor areas of concrete that have sunken or unlevel areas.

The commercial building or construction project owner can redeem the slabs with concrete lifting and leveling. Concrete can be lifted to level it using the correct machinery and injection of concrete or other material into the void underneath it. Sometimes there are several possible solutions to a concrete sinking problem. The company representatives and engineers can study the problem and explore possible solutions. Browse our website for more information on concrete solutions.