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Do You Need a Basement Wall Repair in Baltimore?

If you would like to use your basement regularly but find that water seeps inside this part of the house too often, you need to see about waterproofing. To make sure that the basement is waterproofed properly, you need to review the type of system that a company uses.

Using the Right Method to Direct Water Away

That is why any basement wall repair in Baltimore must be done right and with the right techniques. For example, it is best to use a sub-floor pressure relief method that will redirect ground water so it exits the basement. This is done by installing a sub-floor channel that directs the water to one or more sump pumps.

You can also install a reinforced wall liner for your basement wall repair to ensure that the water stays takes a different course. By installing a vinyl wall cover plate, technicians can form a division between the floor, wall, and foundation joints. By taking this measure, any excess water after a rain flows through the waterproofed system or to the ground. The trench that is created for this purpose is re-concreted so tile can be placed.

Protect Your Basement: Know What it Takes

As you can see, this type of basement wall repair and waterproofing installation can save you a great deal of stress and strain when it comes to protecting your basement. Weep holes are drilled in the core of the floor where the waterproofing system is installed. Technicians situate weep holes to permit proper drainage. These holes must be properly sized to resist any tension or pressure. Once the wall liner is added, you can feel better about any impending downpours.

Would you like to know more about this beneficial basement waterproofing measure? If so, review the steps with a company such as Armored Basement Waterproofing today. Learn all that you can about how this system works so you can use the best system for your waterproofing needs.