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Dog-Friendly Hardscaping Backyard Renovations in Yorba Linda CA

In a home with one or more dogs as companion animals, backyard renovations in Yorba Linda CA must take their presence into account. Trying to prevent some of their ingrained behavior typically is futile. Instead, the owners can accept the instinctive ways dogs act and design their yard accordingly.

A Path Along the Fence Perimeter

One example is a yard with a chain link fence or a border fence that has pickets with spaces between. Dogs, being territorial, will tend to spend a lot of time roaming the perimeter. Dogs generally want to patrol the border, as they perceive protecting the property and family to be their mission in life. Even the littlest dog may have this instinct. They also are naturally curious about what goes on in places they can view but cannot reach.

This behavior will result in dirt paths developing in the grass. Trying to grow flowers by the fence is inadvisable. Backyard renovations in Yorba Linda CA might include a paved path along the fence, so the grass growth is not disrupted.

This doesn’t have to be the equivalent of a bike path. A better idea might be a more rustic-looking stone walkway with grass between the flat stones might be suitable. The design actually enhances the appearance of the yard.

A Digging Area for Happy Dogs

Dogs love to dig, and dogs that spend a lot of time in the yard are bound to do this. The property owners might have a contractor such as West Hills Masonry create a designated digging area in addition to building the fence path. The dogs then can be trained to dig in this place and not in the rest of the yard.

The digging area will consist of sand or dirt, and it may include some small gravel. A raised paved area around it can be designed to keep that digging material in place for the most part; anything that spills out can be swept back in. If cats roam the neighborhood, the digging spot should be covered at night. Visit us to find out more about one particular hardscaping contractor.