4 Important Criteria for Selecting Alberta Pipeline Construction Companies

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Oil and Gas

If you lead a commercial venture that requires oil or gas-related construction in Alberta, you must wisely vet prospects. The following criteria can help you narrow your field of candidates.

Oilfield Pipeline Construction Experience

Top oil and gas construction companies in Alberta are pipeline-building experts. Avoid any outfit that recently entered the marketplace if they cannot highlight their team’s extensive experience in the field. Instead, find a builder whose website points to more than two decades of erecting Canadian pipelines.

Oilfield Facility Construction Knowledge

A versatile builder of extraction infrastructure can significantly shorten your candidate search. Seek a knowledgeable outfit that can construct oil batteries, tank farms, gas plants, multi-well pads, pipelines and other facilities. Ask your potential vendors for a list of clients. Request photos of sites they have constructed. Your position at your company demands thoroughness.

Structural Welding Capabilities

Oil and gas facilities often require structural welding. Consider your facility’s catwalk, handrail and landing needs. For your workers’ safety, none of these large, metal components can risk substandard welds. Seek locally based oil-industry construction experts who highly regard supplying structural integrity through top-quality welding.

Maintenance Services

The Alberta extraction industry’s pipelines and facilities endure stress through use and weather swings. Your site’s infrastructure must withstand winter’s freezing temperatures and summer’s pounding rains. Extending your investment’s lifespan requires maintenance. For efficiency, find an extraction-related construction company that performs maintenance on the pipelines and facilities it builds. Ideally, they should master small repair jobs and large maintenance projects.

After you narrow your pool of potential oil and gas construction companies in Alberta, you should contact your finalists. Mention your job’s aspects and inquire whether they have completed comparable projects. Choose the company that displays extensive knowledge and simultaneously makes you feel that they can properly complete your job on time.

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